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Wired Dangerous Video: AeroShot Pure Energy

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: AeroShot Pure Energy

This is one of my favorite editors at Wired Magazine. The secret is she really talks that fast.

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Wired Dangerous Video: Superior Hiwheel Bicycle

This was a fun one. My boss cajoled a few editors to test out the bike. All of these falls are real. No one was hurt in the production of this video. Although the felled computer has seen better days.

Co-producer, Director, and Video Editor

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Wired Video: How Four Makers Mastered Their Medium

This series of videos was part of a Wired Features package on DIY Makers. These three videos feature a wood maker, a plastics maker, and Limor Fried of Ada Fruit Industries.

Co-producer and video editor.

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Wired Dangerous Video: CRY-AC-3 Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser

Video Editor

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Wired Obsessed Video: Insectophiliac Builds 12-Foot-High Spider-Bot

We sent a photographer to the backwoods of Vermont to photograph a man obsessed with robots.
I co-produced, edited, and animated this video.

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Rhapsody: Fieldtrip, Making Friends with Gram Parsons, Brokencyde, and Panic at the Disco

Field Trip! I was part of four person production team that drove across the southwest from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas en route to SXSW interviewing artists and photographing the journey.
I directed, shot, and edited these videos.

In this video we visit Joshua Tree and visit with the ghost of Gram Parsons.

In this episode, we make friends in a Sin City stripmall with Spencer and Brendon of Panic! at the Disco.

In this episode, we get Albu-crazy high (10,000 feet up a mountain in New Mexico) with our new buddies BrokeNCYDE.

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Wired Dangerous Object Video: Mushroom Box Mini Growing System

In December I took a new job as the video editor for Wired Magazine’s Ipad edition. Woo Hoo!
Let the crazy geeky video making begin.
Here is my first joint production with Wired.
I co-directed and edited this video.

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Mushroom Box Mini Growing System

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Rhapsody at SXSW

I just returned from a rock-star trip to SXSW with We camped out in the back of bar with lights, cameras, and interviewed many SXSW attendees. Highlights include Jakob Dylan, Broken Bells, and J Cole.
I directed the lighting design and shot the interviews.

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Rhapsody’s The Box series trailer

Executive Producer: Rhapsody
Producer/Editor: Lauren Tabak
Director of Photography: Alexa Inkeles
Intro Motion Graphics: Alexa Inkeles

I worked with Rhapsody to help develop the visual shooting style for their new interview series titled The Box. The trailer features sound bites from Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas, and Weird Al who all had the privilege of answering questions from The Box.
I did the lighting design and shot the Lady Gaga and Weird Al interviews.
I also created and produced the intro animation for the series using a mix of live action with green screen and After Effects animation techniques.

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New Rock-Star Guides with The Knux and Trail of Dead

I had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans, LA and Austin, TX recently to shoot and direct two new episodes for Rhapsody’s Rock-Star Guide to the Galaxy Series.
Beignets and BBQ. What more could you ask for?
Go to Rhapsody’s blog to view the Knux.
Go to Rhapsody Blog to view Trail of Dead.

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